THDC plans Bokang-Bailing hydro electric project

THDC Ltd is planning to develop Bokang-Bailing hydro electric project in Pithoragarh in Uttaranchal. The project involves setting up of a run-off-the-river scheme in Kumaon Himalayas in confluence of Lassar Yankti with Dhauliganga river to generate 200 MW of hydel power ( 3 x 66.67 MW). It envisages construction of a concrete gravity dam of 65 m (as proposed by THDCIL) from river bed level and an underground Power House. Approx. 9.46 km long HRT has been envisaged to carry the required flow to the Power House. Construction work involves intake canal, pumping stations, pressure main and gravity canals. As of September 2019, the project is in planning stage.

Project LocationPithogarh,Uttaranchal
Project Cost (in million)₹4,492
Project Capacity200 MW
Project StatusPlanning
Commissioning Date

Company Profile : THDC India Ltd

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